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Klaus D Petri is a bail bondsman who is always prompt and professional. He works with both surety bonds and transfer bonds. If you need to make bail fast, there's no one better to call.

Surety Bonds
We post surety bonds. The co-signer signs a contract with the bondsman, and the co-signer will pay 10% of the bond. This is a non-refundable fee. Klaus D Petri handles all cases of the judicial system throughout the whole state of Virginia. He can also come by your house and do the paperwork with you, or travel to another city to sign the paperwork and give the person in jail a ride back home. There is no job too big or too small for him to handle.

Transfer Bonds
A transfer bond is used when you have a person in another state that gets arrested. We meet with them and do the paperwork. Klaus finds the agent in the other state that will get the person out in jail for an extra fee. The co-signer will then be liable for the person they get out of jail. If you have a family member that gets arrested while on vacation, we will get them out.

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Contact Klaus D Petri for assistance with getting out of jail, surety bonds, or transfer bonds. Call Today (757) 833-FREE (3733)